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Business Opportunity!!

Are you willing to be part of and invest in a new nightlife venture in the buzzing Dbayeh with a rep...




Internal Audit for Casino du Liban

PROTOCOL undertook an internal audit and operational assessment for the prestigious national landmar...






Protocol will be holding a 4 days seminar on how to organize, document business operations & procedu...






Protocol will be holding a 4 days workshop on how to create and develop a food and beverage concept ...








United Building - 1st Floor - Armenia Street - Geitawi
Phone: +961 3 068507
P.O.Box: 66 -358 Beirut. Lebanon
Email: protocol@protocollb.com

Feasibility studies

It is not about what you want it is what the market needs and its inclination to accept your proposal, this is why Protocol’s constant tracking on the sociological, economical and political situations enable well-documented studies presentations with an unbiased perspective about your business relation with market variables.

Preliminary study and project's viability – Market Area Characteristics - Economic Activity and growth matrix  - Political factors and legal System - Community and demography – Monopolies identification - Proposed site evaluation - Physical characteristics - Competitive Factors and future competition – Demand/Supply and guest market analysis – Capital requirements and operating results forecasts - Operational Estimates – Consensus and Dissenting Opinions

Strategic Consulting

In order to be viable in the sophisticated business world of today, organizations need to plan for the long term scheme, they need to constantly rethink about their business model, reinvent themselves and create new ideas for unserved niches. Protocol and its unique exposure on the relevant markets is able to define your envisioned opportunities, your weaknesses and strengths as well as reevaluating your Mission, Vision, goals, objectives and  policies for the formulation of a winning strategy tailored to fit your own organization.
Situation analysis - Objectives and methodology - Craft mission, purpose and vision statements - Strategic metrics and evaluation measures - Primary and secondary research - Technical analysis - Options & alternatives Analytical frameworks - Recommendations - Action plan

Catering Services (Institutional, In-Flight, Corporate, In-plant & Industrial)

With an operational capacity of more than 18,000 manday including industrial site catering and life support services, in-flight catering, university and school catering as well as corporate catering services built with substantial resources, skills, expertise and administrative support to provide a comprehensive life support services to clients, their workers and dependents.

Concept Creation & Development - Turnkey Projects

With a close and constant look on the latest trends in hotels, restaurants and all related businesses, Protocol is able to elaborate solid concepts with prosperity potential that every investor looks for.

Start-Up s services – Business Conceptualization – Brand filtering and identity development - Concept differentiating factors - Exterior and interior architectural perspectives and renderings – Equipment and utensils selection – Master planning - Profit architecture - Menu strategy and design - Concept differentiating factors – Design concept books - Project management - Milestone implementation – Investor presentation

Business Planning

Protocol believes that the essence of success for any business is its plan; this is why Protocol enables your business to have a plan so it can be a complete business document simulator as well as a convincement tool for financial institutions, investors and potential partners.

Company description - Business concept - Management team - Market analysis – USP identification - Marketing strategy - Operations - Investment analysis - Growth/Exit plan - Financial projections and ROI analysis

Operations support

Whether you are an operating facility or still on your early planning phases, Protocol is ready to elaborate proven methods and policies to develop and keep your operational competency as well as boosting your return on assets and investment.

Operational assessment - Concept diagnostic - Concept density - Product mix review – Operating manuals – Menu engineering and analysis – Sales mix management – Staff orientation – Incentive schemes – On-job/Off-job training – Management mentoring and tutoring – Talent management solutions - Restructuring and reengineering – Organizational structuring – Solutions and Recommendations 

Marketing support

In today’s highly competitive market, marketing strategies has become a vital element for market penetration and brand saliency enforcement as well as bringing out unseen organizations’ augmented services, added values and competitive edges in order to increase prospects consciousness. Protocol is what you need to make your organization a top-mind brand by analyzing your marketing, product, sales, pricing and communication mix to be closely aligned with your customers while maximizing revenue potential.

Business model - Strategy elaboration and development - Branding and positioning - Campaign tools - Opportunity analysis – DMA situation analysis - Niches capture - Comparative analysis - Objectives and methods - SWOT analysis - Surveys and polling - Action plans – Forecast and budget – Marketing control

Hospitality Training Programs

Because we believe that education is the essence of success especially continual education, we introduced managerial and operational intensive courses covering all aspects of this business.
        Managerial Courses:

Restaurants business planning

Feasibility study execution

Job description and job specifications

Marketing planning

            Performance appraisal techniques

Recruitment techniques

Operations manual formulation

Menu building and design

Menu engineering

Organizational engineering and structuring 


        Operational Training:


            Food serving techniques

Food safety

Art of Living (Ethics of international protocol)

Food Production and cooking Techniques

Food Technology

Recruitment Activities

Whether you are a newly established organization or an operating one, you probably know that the major problem of the hospitality sector is the labor turn over rate; this is why we make sure to provide you with the best qualified people to fit your vacant positions. Our comprehensive recruitment practices leave no room for error with a constantly updated staff pool scrutinized by our extremely professional management team to offer no other than the most skilled talents in the business.

Staff – Lease Contracts

Employees are the driving force of any institution and are usually what make-or-break a new initiative. For these reasons, we rethink, reinvented and revolutionized this business’ way of talent management by placing a strong emphasis on team formation and empowerment practices so we provide our partners their complete staff backed-up with our support from salary payment, benefits and allowances, obligatory health tests, social security registration (NSSF), work accidents insurance, uniforms as well as sustainable mentoring and day to day follow-up for the best interest of our partners.


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